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Who would ever buy sex toys from the woman who cleans their teeth? Apparently lots of people would! Open Wide — Divorce, Dating, Dentistry & Dildos tells the embellished story of real-life Heidi’s adventures in raising her kids after her divorce. At first, Heidi tried to scrape by (literally) on her dental hygienist’s job, trying to make ends meet while fending off the male patients who seemed more interested in her tits than in her hygienist skills.

That is, until Heidi accepted an offer to get in on the ground floor of a new business, …selling sex toys in people’s homes. This decision led her to not only success, but on the amazing adventures detailed in Open Wide. Let Heidi take you along for the ride as she learns and teaches you just about everything there is to know about human sexuality — what makes men and women tick, and even more important, what makes them orgasm.

Open Wide is for every woman who yearns for support while facing life’s challenges, and for every man who faces the seemingly impossible task of understanding middle-aged women. Humorous, warm and educational, this story comes from someone who will soon be everyone’s favorite (and possibly the world’s only) dental hygienist and sex expert.

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“A Must and Compelling autobiography of a remarkable person. Absolutely loved the book, easy read and I couldn’t put it down. Heidi shows the power one has to struggle with co-dependency and still achieve her family and financial goals, in the face of adversity and, sometimes humorously, competing against cultural and social “norms”. She demonstrates survivor instincts with focus and determination to achieve her goals, even with “outside-of-the-box” initiatives and risqué strategies.”

– Steve K.


“Super fun to read!! I thoroughly enjoyed Heidi’s stories. Highly relevant for any woman who has gone through a divorce (so, like half of us???) and has kids to support. A fun read – I really did not want it to end, so I’m looking forward to a sequel!”

– Michelle Gugick


“Very funny and entertaining book by a women who has a lot of perseverance, is unstoppable, and will do anything for her children!”

Patrice Ambrose


“Want to laugh?? this is for you!! I read the book in 2 days… could not put it down… Very fun read and you sure can see how someone can handle some rough bumps in the road and still come out laughing… Thanks for sharing your “experiences” with us… Makes my life look VERY boring… Someone make this into a movie!!! Would be hilarious!!!”

– Jude


“Voted most likely to succeed- you hit one out of the park girl! Cute funny and a fast read. I loved it. Can’t wait to catch up with her over the next year’s of her continuing journey!”

– Susan Perets


“Trust me, the title says it all! A LOL read, written with courageous honesty, about the triumphs and struggles of a mother raising two kids on her own. What drove her to keep getting up after every fall, was the dream she had for her kids to live a normal, happy life. She refused to let them suffer because of her circumstances. Her unselfish love for her children is what stood out the most to me. If it took 4 jobs to do it, damn it, she was going to do it and did! Her never ending search for love and detailed accounts of her adventures will keep you laughing and may even cause you to tear up from time to time. I can’t wait to read the next book; there has to be one, because this one was to good to put down!”

– Olivia Comella Kaufman

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